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Chargers are inseparable in our lives, with the development of society, there are very practical solar chargers, so what is a solar charger? What are the types of solar chargers and how to choose them?

The solar charger is a kind of device that converts solar energy into electric energy, which is generally composed of a solar photocell, storage battery, and voltage regulating element. The core device is the solar cell, the photosensitivity of the solar cell is generally the whole visible light, whether it is sunlight or light. 12v solar battery charger can be used not only in cars but also in campers, yachts, locomotives, and other devices that use 12v batteries. By slow-current charging by solar energy, your battery will be in a state of preparation for a full charge at any time. It can also share the heavy burden of batteries caused by too many electric appliances.

The battery is an item that needs to be filled with electricity from time to time in order to maintain long-term use, if it is kept in a situation of power shortage for a long time, and the power loss in the car is too significant, and it is, even more, a killer of battery life (such as too much electrical equipment, etc.). Things such as anti-theft devices in the car are long-term power loss equipment, which is why the so-called "reverse current" products have been popular recently.

The use efficiency includes two aspects: the conversion efficiency of the solar panel and the secondary conversion efficiency, the conversion efficiency of the solar panel refers to the efficiency of converting light energy into electric energy, and the secondary conversion efficiency refers to the conversion efficiency of light energy into electrical energy after it is converted into electricity. the efficiency of storage on a battery.

The capacity of the storage battery is generally 1.2 times that of the mobile phone battery, this kind of solar energy can generate enough electricity for our mobile phone so that the large battery can fill the mobile phone battery, and the quality of the battery is also related to the service life of the solar charger. Solar cell phone chargers can only be used in emergencies, and can not be completely relied on them to charge mobile phones and other digital products, to fully charge the phone, the general solar cell phone charger solar panels need to be more than 0.7W.

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