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Dental implants are one of the most popular methods of replacing permanent porcelain teeth. Because of the method of using modern techniques in dentistry, it helps to restore the hard roots of the teeth in the jawbone.

The implant post is implanted into the jawbone at the position of the missing tooth, after the time it integrates into the strong jaw bone, it will replace the real tooth root. After that, the doctor will restore porcelain teeth on top of the implant post through abutment joints to perfect the teeth like real teeth in both shape and function.

High aesthetics: because the implant teeth are structured like a real tooth, it is difficult to recognize that they are false teeth.

Restores almost 90-100% of the chewing power of real teeth.

Titanium material makes the implant safe, benign, and highly biocompatible. At the same time, this is a good anti-oxidation and wear-resistant material, which is widely used in the field of dentistry and aviation.

Because of the restoration of the whole tooth root, it prevents jawbone loss, receding gums, sagging cheeks, aging, etc.

The method is performed independently, without affecting real teeth.

Easy to clean, good oral health protection.

Lifetime forever.

Kien Thuc Implant

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